Below are books by Allen R. Hansen, including free chapters.  Take a look!

Sophronismos – The Rise of Alcibiades

Free! – Download Chapters 1-4 (PDF File)

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This first book in the Sophronismos series is a work of historical fiction about Socrates, and, ultimately, the evolution of his philosophy during his mid-life years.  It is intended for those interested in history, philosophy, or biographies, and fans of non-fiction will also find extensive information about daily life and events in classical Greece that should satiate their need for factual knowledge.  This book also tells a story that is entertaining, and at times moving, incorporating passionate moments, and timeless themes that reflect the character of the man.

 The father of western philosophy was likely influenced both by those that revered him, but also by those that scorned him.  This included the notorious Alcibiades, renowned for his flamboyant and extreme lifestyle, who was very close associate of Socrates that at first brought much glory to Athens, but would later bring calamity.  Others, like the comic playwright Aristophanes, distrusted Socrates and publicly warned of his subversive thinking.  This book, therefore, explores the environment in which Socrates lived, and the factors that influenced his philosophical awakening during the middle part of his life.

Sophronismos – The Seduction of Aristocles

Coming Soon!


This book begins where the first book ends, dramatizing Socrates’ life up until his trial and execution.  Plato, along with the entire city of Athens, experience challenging circumstances during this time, while Socrates reluctantly plays an influential role.

Sophronismos – Death of the Philosopher King

Coming Soon!


Where Plato elevated his philosophical pursuits to a logical science, Aristotle put his theories into practice.  Disgusted by the failures of the extreme democracy of Athens, these men put forward alternatives that would reverberate across the known world.

3 Responses to “Books”

  1. pandora172Pandora October 4, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Coming soon??? HOW soon??? I can’t wait… especially as the first book is such brilliant background reading for my current OU course. Hansen’s writing style is beautifully structured and has a clarity and precision that enhances the subject matter in a more retrained fashion than the writings of Cameron, Iggulden et al. I look forward eagerly to the next volume of the trilogy.

    • Allen R. Hansen October 5, 2012 at 8:46 am #

      I share your frustration in my delay completing the second book of the series. I have to make a living, so other obligations have interfered.

      I assure you that volumes 2 and 3 are in progress, with the second book anticipated to be released in summer 2013. The first few chapters will be posted here prior to release, and I am confident that you will find the next books just as engaging and informative.

      Periodically, I issue coupons for free ebooks, so if you email me (see address at the top of these pages) I will be sure to send you a promotional coupon as soon as the book becomes available.

      Al Hansen

    • david April 7, 2019 at 4:40 am #

      please tell me if the 2nd and 3rd novel’s were ever released because im having an impossible time attempting to find them

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